Release the Shame, Reclaim the Power!

Stephen King is the author of more than fifty books, all of them worldwide bestsellers and many of his stories have been made into wildly popular movies and television series. If anyone is familiar with success, it’s Stephen King! Yet, “Stevie” King was also the child of a single mom who worked for less than minimum wages just to make ends meet.  By his senior year of high school he was bagging loose fabric at a factory everyday after school and eating cereal for dinner every night. He also had a high school teacher who condemned his work. King says she made him feel ashamed and shame was a feeling with which he became most familiar:

I have spent a good many years…being ashamed about what I write. I think I was forty before I realized that almost every writer of fiction and poetry who has ever published a line has been accused by someone of wasting his or her God-given talent. If you write (or paint or dance or sculpt or sing,  I suppose), someone will try to make you fee lousy about it.

This strikes me as so incredibly shocking that I am nearly speechless! A man who has experienced the level of success that Stephen King has expressing shame–not just when he was a kid being chastised by a teacher, but even years later after his work has been hailed by worldwide audiences! That speaks volumes about the extent to which we let others write our stories.

By the way, I am not a Stephen King fan–not in the sense that I read his books or watch his films. Horror is not my preferred genre, but I respect him as a writer and recognize his skill and mastery as an artist. I don’t have to enjoy his particular genre in order to recognize his talent.

But, isn’t that the point?  On Monday, I proposed that we resist those who impose their narratives upon us, and yesterday Tanzy shared how her life was altered by others’ perceptions of her. Trouble comes when people who don’t prefer something about us try to change us to suit their preferences rather than recognize what makes us special and simply appreciate it.

It is clear that this is not an isolated  issue. Whether rich and famous or just regular folks, we all strive to articulate what it means to be us while constantly speaking back to those who are telling us otherwise.  Yet, why should we be ashamed?  Why should we hide our gifts because they don’t align with the mainstream? Why should we apologize if our dreams don’t fit neatly into their little boxes? Or if our stories don’t suit their refined tastes?

Perhaps it’s not our stories that need to change.

Chrystal Evans Hurst says “it is your job in this life to know and value what makes you you.”  In order to do that you have to release the shame and reclaim the power of the pen. Be bold enough to value who you are, whatever you are–an artist, a dancer, a poet, or a writer. This is your year to reclaim your power and reclaim yourself!

May the force be with you.



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Revise, Rewrite–Revamp!

Yesterday I invited you to take up your pen and write, or re-write your story. Today, Tanzy shares her re-vision. Read on!


At 17 years old I was working my first retail job. I was helping a customer when a co-worker tapped me and said, “the owner of the store is here.” I glanced over and saw him head to the back office. I continued to help the customer because I was taught, the customer gets your full attention. By the time the customer left, the owner had left as well. The next morning I got a call from the store manager. She said, “we will no longer be needing your services.” When I asked her why, she responded by saying “the owner came into the store and barely even noticed you. He didn’t feel you were outgoing and vibrant enough.” At that age I was crushed. As time passed I continued to hear similar words in a variety of circumstances. I was

not loud enough
not charismatic enough
not bold enough
not energetic enough

Needless to say, I started feeling very insufficient. But, guess what? Everyone who said that to me was right. For THEM I was not enough.  But for me! I’m quite enough!

Once I decided that I didn’t need validation from THEM, I started to explode in my own strengths.  Then I started to hear,

Your presence is so inviting;
Your words are so powerful;
Your heart is so understanding;
Your smile is so warming!

People will be quick to point out your insufficiencies, but the still voice of God will show you your strengths. Once you recognize your own value, others will see it too.

“The woman who doesn’t need validation from anyone, is the most powerful woman in the world”– unknown

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Revamp Monday: Bigger & Better!

Everybody’s looking for a magic pill–thinner waist, bigger boobs or booty–  “What’s the secret?” They ask. Then their expectant look turns sad when they discover there’s “no secret.” They already know. But, do you know? Have you really tried everything? Maybe not! Tanzy has a message just for you!