Everywhere I looked today I saw rejection.

Every hello was preface to “good-bye,”

Every smile, a scheme in disguise.

Every frown was meant for me.

Every possible could not be.

Every eye, hollow

Every friend, shallow

Every brow, furrowed

Every hand, burrowed

in a pocket.

Backs turned,

“bread” burned,


Because life can be hard to swallow.


Cover photo credit: pixabay.com


Be Brave!

One day I was clicking through the audio files that I had downloaded from my phone to my computer, when I was caught off guard by a soft, sweet sound.  My daughter’s airy voice wafted upwards like air!

“What in the world?” I wondered.  She was singing. Softly.

She did not want to be heard; yet, she had recorded her voice–on my phone, no less! So, on some level, I suppose, she did want to be heard. She merely did not want to be seen and heard in that moment. She was too embarrassed to sing in front of an audience, but her heart held a song. So, in some quiet moment, she recorded this melody flowing forth from this heart that has a secret–a dream she is still too afraid to share.  I wonder if she played it back and listened to it, or if she pushed the phone aside, fearing the sound of her own voice.

Now what?

You slip the recording device back in its proper place and you go on as if nothing ever happened, until one day someone stumbles upon that sweet little creation and says, “it’s beautiful.”

Heart work. It takes courage that most of us do not have. Mind work merely requires that you get it done. Heart work requires that you give yourself–that you be completely vulnerable to the process and the product. Heart work can’t be shrink-wrapped and set on a shelf. It’s custom-designed and one-of-a kind–there’s so much more at stake!

Maybe that’s why some of the most brilliantly creative people were (and are) also the most troubled. They give everything to their craft and risk getting nothing in return. The little girl who steals away to sing into her mother’s phone is afraid to take that risk. I wonder how many more little girls like her are out there…

One day we’ll either become better at our craft or brave enough that it doesn’t matter.  Let’s keep working at it!

Daily Prompt: Overcome

Happy Monday!


photo credit: pixabay.com