i love to rub the small of his back &

glide my hand to the top of the crack

his skin is smooth and muscles taut,

yet none can see what is knot.

the shoulders carry the weight of his kin,

pressures threaten to do him in.

he hides the fears in the folds of his neck,

buries the ache and introspect.

no one knew Samson was weak

‘til one small hand reached to pique,

but the hand of love has healing power

to bolster any leaning tower.

this hand knows well what others see,

his eyes his smile are sweet to me,

but the sweetest is the chocolate silk.

it is the texture of his ilk

beneath the surface where all is calm.

i offer my touch as a sealing balm,

my hand will keep dissenters at bay

allow him respite from the fray.

keeping his soul and strength in tact,

my fingers glide along his back

from the nape of his neck to the top of his crack


Monday Mayhem: Rise!


Today’s #MondayMorningMotivation is inspired by anti-racist activist, author and speaker, Tim Wise who spoke this morning at Oakwood University as part of a month-long Black History celebration. Wise has been an untiring advocate for civil rights, improved racial relations and justice for decades. His words were–and always are–both powerful and inspiring!  The best part of his speech came at the end when he admonished us not to lose heart by the current state of affairs, but rather to look to our history of progress and strength as evidence that we can–and will–overcome the systemic and systematic racism that still exists today. I will share Wise’s talk as soon as it is available, but suffice to say that he aptly expemplified the image quote above “we rise by lifting others”. Tim Wise’s success is well-deserved, but has been achieved precisely because of his commitment to helping others, and it is this merging of love with action that I wish to emphasize in my posts this month.

This month I will be focusing on two themes–love and Black history. Why? Because Black history is not just about struggle and oppression, it is also about the power of love to overcome.  The love that Tim Wise has for justice and coalition-building among the races compels him to share his knowledge of American history–which includes both “white” and “black” histories–with his audiences to raise the veil of ignorance threatening to undermine social and political progress.

I will share what I can about the history that is so often overlooked, but is so relevant to all Americans.  I want you to know about the love of mothers and wives who nurture and affirm black men–sons, husbands, lovers–too often threatened by socioeconomic oppressions and injustices.  I want you to know about the hidden figures behind Hidden Figures who made this country great even when it meant personal sacrifices that most would be unable to bear.  Love and Black history…it’s appropriate for this month, but it should not be confined to it. My hope is that the more we learn about one another, the more we’ll want to know. There wouldn’t be a need for “Black history” month if his-story included everyone’s story. Maybe one day we’ll get there.  After all, we rise by lifting others!


Monday Mayhem: Tabata Mania!

Good morning and Happy Monday!

This weekend my husband and I retreated to a remote bed and breakfast in Andrews, North Carolina called Hawkesdene. In a word, it was amazing!

I’ll share more about the vacay in another post, but for today’s Monday Mayhem, I’m pushing myself as I push all of you to jump back into the work week with both feet! Here’s how:

I’ve already shared my new favorite HIIT workout–Tabata–in an earlier Monday Mayhem, now here’s another resource for you. Fit mom, Lindsay Brin shows us 20 high energy exercises with modifications that we can do every morning to get our hearts pumping and blood flowing!

You don’t have to do all 20 at once, just pick and choose what you want to do for each day’s workout.  Just remember:

  • each set is 20 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest
  • two sets per minute = 1 round.
  • a complete Tabata is 8 sets or 4 rounds = 4 minutes

You can choose to repeat the same exercise for each set or do a different exercise for each set as long as you maintain that 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest ratio! Allow yourself an extra minute or two to recover after every round and do as many or as few rounds as you have time (and energy) for! At the very minimum, do one full Tabata (4 minutes). At the maximum do fifteen Tabatas (60 minutes), but I would recommend four to six Tabatas (apx 20-30 minutes). That’s really all you need every other day to get (or stay) in shape.

Have fun!