Editing Services

Roper’s Ink, LLC is the official name of my business through which I offer writing and editing services. Fees for writing services are negotiable and below is a description of my pricing for editing services.


When I edit documents, I fix the grammar as I go. For more contextual, sense-making types of changes, I put suggested wording revisions in a marginal comment or in a highlighted section so that you can decide to accept or reject my wording. You may even think of a different way to say it all together.  I also insert marginal questions that I think should be answered in the body to improve clarity, but these editorial changes will be made by you–if you choose to do so–after my work is done.


Typically book-length manuscripts take 6-8 weeks between August and May; 3-5 weeks between May-August. These timelines are safe estimates and may take less time. If, for some reason, I have not completed the editing by the promised deadline (I will give you an exact date), I will deduct $50 for each week (or apx. $7 per day) that it is late.


A non-refundable $50 deposit is required up front; this amount is deducted from the balance upon completion of service.

$10 per page for 25 pages or less.

$8 per page for 26-60 pages

$6 per page for 61-150 pages

$5 per page for over 151 pages

Additional charges: no additional charge for re-reading/editing up to 5 pages.  $5 per page for re-reading/editing each subsequent page.


I will submit a digital copy of the edited project along with an invoice which should be taken care of within 30 days of receipt. Checks should be made out to Roper’s Ink and mailed to: PO Box 22271 Huntsville, AL  35814