Picture “Perfect”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words,

but my life’s not picture perfect.

My floors need mopping

My laundry needs folding

My kids watch too much TV

My husband and I are way past finishing each other’s sentences…

We usually can’t finish a sentence

Too many interruptions

Kids need help with homework

Family needs help with a crisis

Teens have questions about social life, their future life, just life

it’s not perfect

but social media makes you wish for perfection

Everyone props up their lives on tripods

So they can be seen in the perfect light

Everyone’s kids are star students

Sports champions

Beautiful, handsome and popular, of course

Families vacation in Europe

Homes are flawless

as rays of sunlight hit the carefully positioned still life on the kitchen counter

I know…you woke up and it looked like this

But, I’m over it

My sink is overflowing with dishes,

I came in late from a meeting and cooked dinner at 8 o’clock

Who has energy for dishes at ten after working all day?

Not me.

My perfectly imperfect life will have to do.

It doesn’t make for a nice Instagram pic

No one will ever like or share my life story

But it’s the real story.

It’s real life, not still life

Something I think we’ve lost sight of in all our efforts to capture “real life” in our stories, on our pages, for our friends who aren’t our friends, but just a million nameless followers for whom we live… and we’d certainly die if they ever discovered the truth.



Photo by Ionut Coman Photographer on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Picture “Perfect”

  1. Wow Kem, thank you for sharing this courageous piece…it really hit close to home! When my self-esteem is shaky (which it often is), I have to be super careful around social media as it makes me vulnerable to comparison and envy. I sometimes fear revealing my own truth — so caught up in aspirational ideals of perfection — that I fail to see the beauty in what is natural and real, in where God has me for this time. This was a nice reminder that not everything that glitters is gold, and even if it is, it doesn’t take away from all the good things in my life for which I can be grateful. I love and admire you and your perfect “realness.”

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    1. Jess, thank you for your comment I’m so glad to know this resonated with you. it is something I have struggled with too and I don’t rhink we’re the only ones! Be blessed and be free to be you! We’re all imperfect.


  2. Shared on FB. I appreciate my real photos more than my picture perfect ones as I look back. It’s funny how much time is wasted trying to get the right shot. Then I just glance at those photos but gaze at the candid ones.

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