Lift Off!

This week is all about reaching beyond. On Monday we were challenged to reach beyond our fears and face realities, even if they are uncomfortable. On Tuesday, we met a hidden figure who did his best work behind the scenes and discovered that reaching beyond meant thinking beyond his expectations to achieve success. Today I am sharing a video that you may have seen before, but it’s worth watching again! I was scrolling through an old chat with my sister and came across this graduation speech that I sent her last year. It blew me away! When I watched it again, I was shook. Again. Not just because Donovan Livingston’s spoken word is brilliant–which it is–but also because what he says is so in line with this week’s theme.

As a lover of language, I am in love with his word play as much as the content of his speech. It is perfection. He tells of his English teacher who “introduced me to the sound of my own voice…gave me a stage” and “told me that our stories are the ladders that make it easier for us to touch the stars.” She challenged him to reach beyond the limitations that others had imposed and she freed him to excel.

In his speech, then, he confers his freedom upon his classmates, reminding them that, despite the current push for standardization in the field of education,

“at the core, none of us was meant to be common.”

That’s a powerful statement.  It’s not just a message for them. It’s a message for all of us!

As we look ahead to 2018, let’s not be afraid to reach beyond.  Let’s get ready to…lift off!


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