Monday Mayhem: Create!

Good Morning!

To get us energized today, I’m suggesting a brisk walk, walk/run or 1 mile run at your fastest pace–10 minutes minimum.  Remember, the shorter the time, the more intense the effort. If you have 30 minutes to an hour for your workout, then you can afford to work at a moderate pace, but you still want to gradually increase periods of intensity. If you opt for the 10 minute sprint, follow that with a Tabata (Burpees, Jump squats or Lunges) Then…

Fuel up with my favorite parfait and slices of green apples this time. Aren’t they pretty?2017-02-13-07-09-16

Now it’s time to CREATE!

I found this mug at Burlington Coat Factory of all places (who knew?) and I love it! Not only is it sturdy and perfect for cupping a warm beverage, it’s also inspirational. To create is to cause something to come into being…so when we create those characters in our stories it’s like we’re little scientists piecing together the leftover parts of people we once knew to make new people we have yet to know…people who come alive on the pages of our text and become real. Real to us and to our readers.  Yet, they are not real. They are not natural. They do not evolve except in our imaginations and the processes by which they come to be are so extraordinary that it literally keeps us up at night…keeps us up nights…night

after night…

unnatural indeed.

Yet invigorating!

Because, today, creators we will be! Fueled with energy and imagination, we will forge ahead into that vast unknown and emerge victorious on the other side!








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