The Hurricane!

Recently a high school English class read Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 in which he compares his love to a Summer’s Day. Then the teacher asked the students to do likewise–that is, choose someone to write a description about using an analogy.  This high school student chose to write about her sister and I think she did a pretty good job, so I’ve decided to share her piece with you here. Enjoy!

Have you ever been in or experienced a really bad storm? Such as a tornado or hurricane? Tsunami maybe? They’re pretty destructive right? Blowing things away, tearing up stuff, throwing things across the room–just making everything look messy. They’re destructive and can be very harmful. Well, I have a storm that lives in my house. Yes–just down the hallway to the left. She’s 11 years old, loves the color pink and coincidently hates any idea of a storm. She’s my sister,  or as my family likes to call her, “The Hurricane.”

My 11-year-old sister claims she’s princess Rapunzel and she’s an aspiring baker. Even though I hate to admit it, she is a great person with a cool personality, but when it comes to staying organized, she is not your average princess. Her room is always messy with stuff all over the floor. In the kitchen, she finishes dinner and leaves her plate.  You would think she would take special care of someone else’s room when she brings all her stuff in for a visit, but I’m usually tripping over her stuff that she left in MY room because she didn’t pick it up. Honestly. If you leave her in a room by herself with everything she loves, I guarantee that room will look like hurricane Urma came in! She pretty much does everything a hurricane does and I, unfortunately, have to live with it.

Not only is she physically a hurricane, she’s also emotionally a hurricane. Her moods can switch before you can snap your fingers. The slightest thing can make her upset, so be careful– fair warning! She also can be very fiesty.  She’ll lash out at you in a way that is scary, but hilarious at the same time. Just like she destroys our house with her stuff all over the place, she can destroy you with her actions and words. Don’t underestimate her!

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Audience of ONE

We’re little children toiling like architects in our sandboxes crafting temporary structures, scratching and scraping all day,

pouring out our hearts with blood and

sweating out our souls into this work until it’s perfect

or until there’s nothing left in us.

Then, when there’s nothing left, we step back with pride to see what our love has made

and we’re glad to see the finished product soaring before us!

It’s something!

Despite its imperfections, we’re proud

and  anxious to share it

so we run, barefoot in the streets, calling out to you—wherever you are

“come and see what we made!”

“Come and see what we created out of the dirt!”

It was nothing before, just sand, bits of paint, scraps of words…

it wasn’t pretty at all, but look at it now!

Now, it’s something.

We made something where there was nothing before and we want you to see. We want you to like—no, we want you to love it.

It is our work, our blood, our soul…

our work…

but it is incomplete without your approval.

The artist needs an audience–

even if it’s just ONE.



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Mayhem Monday: No More Fake News!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with fake news! It’s time to get real.

And I’m not just talking about the parade of false narratives coming out of Washington, DC either–although I’m certainly tired of those! I’m talking about the false narratives that invade our daily lives and inform our daily decisions. The narratives that shape our worldview about things like relationships, beauty, success and happiness. So many of our ideas about such things are dictated by media–social media, news media, entertainment television, print media and, of course, Hollywood–but when we finally power off the devices we still have to deal with the realities, whether we like them or not. So what happens when our reality doesn’t look like all the pretty pictures we spend so many hours of our day staring at? Depression? Anxiety? Stress?

How does the disconnect between what’s real and what’s perceived affect our relationships?

Recently, a few of my girlfriends and I were talking about “the real deal” when it comes to our relationships and we realized that our personal stories might resonate with some of you. We’re all married and we each have had unique experiences before and since becoming married women. When we get together our stories are…hilarious at times, but more importantly they are real!

So, there are lots of relationship books on the market–lots of books that will tell you how to have a happy marriage–lots of “how to” and 10 steps to, and the Five Love Languages… and those are all great! We’ve read them! But at the end of the day, when you’re face to face with your spouse and he’s getting on your LAST NERVE! What are some of the words that come out of your mouth in that moment? Well…

We’ll share some of our moments with you in our up coming book… The The Real Deal: Finding the Truth Through our Stories. (working title)

Now, granted, we’re not experts on marriage or relationships, we’ve just been married a long time and have lots of trial-and-error stories to share that have taught us things about ourselves, our spouses and marriage in general. We’re also still learning, but the reality is, that’s life! It’s a work in progress! The real deal is relationships don’t fit into nice, neat categories or tidy 10-step plans. You figure it out as you go.

So, we’re dumping the fake news and we’re just going to give it to you straight! Are you ready for it? We can’t wait to share!

In the coming weeks I’ll tell you more about the book, our Facebook Live chat and all the other plans in the making for this new venture. I’m excited about what’s in store and I hope you’ll come along for the ride!

Happy Monday!